With a rich heritage and culture dating back to ancient civilizations, traditional Indian art and handicrafts are a great way to adorn homes. Dining rooms are an important aspect of homes, where a lot of quality time is spent with family. Bonding happens over meals and it is quite natural that dining rooms require to be decorated with the best kind of art to increase visual appeal in an elegant and interesting manner. Unveiled below are five different kinds of Indian handicrafts that ought to feature in your dining room. 

Wall clocks – to keep abreast of time in style

A wall clock in addition to be being a functional prop, is a great handicraft to feature in the dining room. Preferably retro styled, the old world charm is a joy to behold, with subdued and muted hues. The amazingly intricate hand crafted wall clocks are a shining example of the skill of the artisans. 

Animal busts – timeless attraction

Contrary to public perception, a bust of animals need not grace the living room alone. They can be the perfect artifact in a dining room. The trick is in choosing the right kind of animal bust. An animal that does not hunt or one that is not commonly consumed would be a good choice to feature on the dining room wall. 

Religious symbols

The religiously inclined would be keen on having religious symbols in all rooms, and dining rooms are no exception. Related to Hindu mythology and Indian culture, these symbols are widely chosen to occupy prominent places in dining rooms. Generally of metal, these sculptures give reassurance to the occupants of the home. 

Metal Trees – for that natural look

A metal tree in a dining room lifts the aesthetic feel of the room, lending an elegance and warmth that very few artifacts can achieve. Generally larger in size than a typical artifact, these metal trees are also symbolic of man’s desire to be in the midst of nature. 

Decorative Trays – functional yet adorable

Trays that are used to serve out dry fruits or to hand over gifts are as important as the contents. It is a good idea to have a couple of these decorative trays in the dining room. Some of the trays are lined with expensive and rich cloth material, while others are intricately carved out of wood. Both of the types of decorative trays are equally important.