A wall sculpture combines two dimensional arts and three dimensional sculptures. The relief is extended in a plane for visibility. The relief also bears a three dimensional look, just like a conventional sculpture. Reliefs can portray a wide range of subjects. The different types of wall sculptures to suit any décor include marble, sandstone, wood, and granite.

#1 Marble Wall Sculptures

Marble is a fairly resilient stone and it can make for very attractive wall hangings and sculptures. Online retailers offer wide selection of marble relief sculptures to suit every need and occasion. Marble needs maintenance and polishing on a regular basis. It requires huge amount of space and material. The marble sculpture can be carved into walls, portals, ceilings, flat surfaces and even floors.

#2 Sandstone Wall Sculptures

These are generally high in quality if taken from a reliable retailer. The best part is that sandstone wall sculptures offer a wide variety of benefits such as easy maintenance and suitability to any kind of surface. Sandstone wall sculptures also require waxing and polishing.

#3 Granite Wall Sculptures

Stone carvings such as granite are rubbed with substances to reduce the coarseness and give a smooth polished look to the wall sculpture. High gloss is a key feature of granite wall sculptures and these can serve to add a touch of class to the drawing room or elegance to your living room.

#4 Metallic Wall Sculptures

These are a stunning selection at Craftvatika. We offer metallic wall sculptures such as bronze which can be polished with ease. Maintaining the sculpture is not a chore and you can choose from a range of beautiful devotional sculptures to adorn your wall.

#5 Wooden Wall Sculptures

Wooden wall sculptures are an excellent addition to your home or office. For a wide range of wooden wall sculptures, you only need to log on and visit Craftvatika.com. This online one stop destination for all your wall art and décor needs offers a creativity which excels. Delicate layers of wall sculptures painted by the hand of the artist, the collection at Craftvatika is spectacular and comprises a wide variety of wall sculptures such as Ganesha and Durga wall hanging sculptures.

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