You can find a Pooja room in just about any Indian home. The Pooja room is a place for meditation where one can recharge his or her supply of positive energy. The completion of a Pooja room alone can be very tedious; it has to be in the right placement and direction for maximum benefits. It is also important that the Hindu God Idols in your Pooja room are positioned correctly. Here are some tips on the placement of idols in your Pooja room: 

  • Your Hindu god idols must not be more than 18in and should be placed on high platforms.
  • Hanuman should be facing south-west and placed north-east; Surya, Brahma, and Vishnu should be facing towards the west and placed in the east while Bhairav, Ganesh, and Durga should be facing south and placed on the north.
  • Do not place broken idols inside the Pooja room.
  • Idols must not face each other and should be at least one inch away from the Pooja room wall.
  • During worship, the leg of the idol must be at your chest level, depending on your usual position (whether you are usually sitting or standing).
  • Be very careful when choosing Hindu god idol statues to place in your Pooja room. Only one Ganesh idol should be inside. Do not use the Dakshinabhimukhi murti, which is the Ganesh idol with the trunk on his right side as this requires special worship.

Every day, you must wipe deities down with a cloth. It is important to keep the Hindu god idols as well as the Pooja room clean. Depending on the material the idol is made of, statues should also be bathed then wiped dry. 

To please Hindu god idols, you should light two incense sticks every day—two in the morning and another two in the evening. You may also offer withered leaves and flowers for deities in the Pooja room.