Kali is one of the many forms of Durga, the goddess considered to be the mother of everything. While Durga is depicted as a compassionate mother and the protector of the good, her form as Kali is considered terrifying due to her reputation as the destroyer. As Kali, she is the Hindu goddess of time, death, and violence, and she is typically associated with doomsday and sexuality, too. Hence, her statues are often a depiction of power. Every piece is amazingly and intricately carved. Some of her statues are highly detailed and depicting the goddess killing Mahishasura or riding a lion.

Statues of Kali often depict power because she is often shown as a frightening figure who fights while wearing a skirt made of arms and a necklace made of heads, with a bloody knife and her tongue sticking out. But beyond this terrifying facade, the statues are able to embody feminine energy, fertility, and creativity, too—all of which are features that are associated with Kali. Hindu texts and mythology stated that having a statue of Kali will ensure supreme protection and a remarkable energy for the environment and individuals. The colors of most Kali statutes will brighten up any dull room, too, so you can feel livelier and invite more positive vibes to your surroundings. 

A statue of Kali is said to bring protection to a household and the family dwelling in it, too. With the blessing of the goddess, you and your family will be protected regardless of the issues or obstacles that may befall on you.  Kali's power is recognized by entrepreneurs, too. If you find yourself being challenged by competitors and other bad luck in business and in life, a statue of Kali may help restore your self-confidence and make you believe that you have the power to overcome those obstacles.