The mother goddess of Hinduism, Durga takes on many forms and incarnations. Durga is believed to be the cause of creation, annihilation, and sustenance. Pure energy and essentially formless, Durga manifests in other gods and demi-gods. In some countries, Durga is worshipped for days. You may find rare and beautiful Durga statues in places such as Nepal, India, and Bengal. Even in western countries, Durga statues are usually found in meditation centers and even residences. 

One of the most popular Durga statues shows her riding a lion while holding ite3ms with her nine hands. You may find Durga statues in just brass or even covered with precious stones like coral and turquoise. If you are not a fan of Durga in a sitting position, you may also find her in a victory stance. It’s also possible to find Durga riding her lion slaying Mahishasura. It is said Durga was reincarnated simply to annihilate Mahishasura, who intended to kill the Devas.

If you are planning to purchase a rare brass Durga, get it from a reputable online seller. The best ones even source their products from local Indian artisans. It is better to purchase from these sellers as opposed to stores that carry mass-produced items. You can only really buy a rare brass Durga statue from online sellers carrying artisan-made products. 

What’s more, you may even be able to find a seller that supports the local economy of India and also donates part of the sales for products to charity. To ensure the quality of your brass Durga, always check for the returns policy of the seller. Those who do not offer 100% money back guarantee don’t stand by their products. Also, check if free shipping is offered for certain locations or when you reach a certain amount.