Durga and Kali statues are beautifully crafted to depict the gracefulness and divinity of these goddesses. Placing them in your home lets their presence grace your property for supreme protection. Durga is known as the 'indestructible power' and the mother of all in Hindu mythology. She is the goddess of strength and power.  She is a compassionate mother and protector of good, and as a multi-dimensional goddess, she can appear in many forms, have different facets, and many personas. Kali, the destroyer, is one of her forms, and it is her most feared persona. 

As Kali, Durga becomes omnipotent and as black as night. She is known to be terrible in fury and rage, with a string of skulls serving as her only clothing and garland. Kali is sometimes depicted as the goddess of death, but in a more realistic sense, she brings death to the ego to eliminate a self-centered perspective of reality in a person. Despite the fearful depiction, Kali is considered the most compassionate as she liberated her children and is known to be a counterpart of the destroyer, Shiva. However, when confronted with an overgrown ego, Kali becomes fearsome. Without the ego, one should see her as an affectionate, sweet, and loving mother to her children.

Even when Durga is in her Kali form, she still represents the concept of sacrifice and salvation. Durga is not merely the mother of wealth and bounty, but also of knowledge and beauty, and this is seen in her daughters, Saraswati and Lakshmi, both Hindu goddesses of knowledge and wealth respectively. She is an embodiment of purity, self-realization, and truth. In Hindu, the most supreme truth in any person is 'aatman' or 'Jiva', which means supreme consciousness. 

As supreme consciousness is birthless, deathless, infinite, and transcends time and space, Durga is considered a representation of the power of a supreme being that preserves righteousness and moral order in the universe. Thus, she is the energy of the Lord, and without her, Shiva will not have any expression, and without Shiva, Durga does not exist. Durga's name in Sanskrit means 'fort', a protected place that will be hard to reach. Hence, placing Kali statues in your home means that your property will be like a fort, which will be difficult for certain misfortunes to reach.