As a young man, Krishna's enigmatic personality wooed many women. He was such a bewitching flute player that all the Gopis would gather around to listen him play. These Gopis absolutely adored him. One of those Gopis was Radha. Where others were spellbound by Krishna's charm, Krishna was captivated by Radha's. They both had known each since kids. They had played, fought and grown up with each other and wanted to be bonded for years ahead.


Even the most possible obstruction couldn’t hinder their love for each other. As, Radha got married to another king, Krishna too had family with Rukmini and Satyabhama. Radha’s faith was so determined that in spite of their marital bonds, she waited for Krishna. With her pure devotion, she believed, “immaterial where Krishna is and whomever he is with, He is always with me”. This belief of her was so profound that both together came to be known as Radha Krishna, where Radha comes even before Krishna.

Though Krishna had 1008 wives, including Satyabhama and Rukmini, Radha Krishna as a couple stand out from the rest. Their love in all its glory is even captured in art forms like Radha Krishna paintings, statutes and poems.

Radha Krishna's story is filled with beauty, divinity, romance, purity and devotion. Radha Krishna idol is hence considered as a very auspicious wedding gift. With such vibrant form in the vicinity, the space not only adds on to aesthetic appeal but also enhances positivity around.