It’s not surprising to find Buddha statues in the homes of non-Buddhists. Placing a statue of Buddha in one’s home can help attract positive chi energy. Buddha is known to have founded Buddhism and is universally recognized as the divine teacher or the enlightened one. A wide range of Buddha statues are being sold worldwide. The two most popular statues are that of Gautama Buddha and the laughing Buddha, which is said to have a Chinese descent. 

It is believed that each type of Buddha can bring different types of energy into your home or office. For example, in western culture, the recognizable laughing Buddha is known to bring in prosperity and good luck. To garner even more greater luck, some people rub the belly of the laughing Buddha. The placement of the Buddha statue is also important. For the laughing Buddha, place the statue on your personal wealth corner. 

If you have a meditation area, it can be a good idea to place a calming or serenity Buddha statue in the area. Placing the statue there can bring in peace and calm. This type of statue represents Buddha with eyes his closed (or half closed) and with his legs in a Single Lotus or Double Lotus position. The hands of Buddha are on his lap, palms up. 

To bring protection to your home or to help you overcome your fear, place a protection Buddha statue. This Buddha is either in a sitting or standing position, with one hand on his knee and the other raised up to his chest. This type of statue can protect you from anger, delusion, and fear and it also signifies courage. 

Thanks to excellent craftsmanship, a Buddha statue is not just a calming presence in your home—it can also enhance your home’s interiors. You can find wonderful Buddha statues in vibrant turquoise and coral stones. You will also see Buddha statues that are gorgeously carved out of wood.