A large statue of Ganesh may seem an unlikely addition to your home or office, or an unusual gift to someone. However, there are many reasons why you should consider it. Ganesh is among the well-loved and best known deities in Hinduism. Likewise, his is the easiest one to recognize due to his elephant head and the reason why he is worshiped. Ganesh is the god that represents wisdom and success. Because of that, a large Ganesh statue is widely accepted by almost every caste in India, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

Ganesh is worshiped for good fortune and prosperity. He is believed to help remove any spiritual and material obstacle that may get in your way when trying to achieve successful. Interestingly, although Ganesh is considered the remover obstacles, he is also the one who places challenges in your path when you need to reflect on your path and your ways. He does this to encourage reflection and to guide you into making better decisions.  Ganesh is known as the destroyer of pride, selfishness, and vanity, too. Hence, a statue of Ganesh in your home or office should serve as inspiration to overcome any obstacle, which may be caused by one's own fault. 

Since the god represents success and wisdom, a large Ganesh statue is considered a favorable gift to anyone who will be venturing on a new business, a new journey, or starting anything new. You can find different types of Ganesh statues online and they depict him in different poses. Some of the most popular statues depict him relaxing on a peacock throne, crawling and posing like a child, lying in a shell, riding a Rath, and with other gods and goddesses, like Saraswati, Lakshmi, Parvati, and Shiva. High-quality statues of Ganesh are typically made of metal, brass, and wood, and carefully carved and embellished, thus, making them more special.