Hanuman is the Hindu god of strength, the resolver of problems, and the lord of nine magics. He is a mighty icon that is considered as Ram's most ardent and loved devotee. It is for that reason that he is worshiped for peace and strength, as well as for protection against evils and problems. It is considered favorable to have his statue in your home because it symbolizes and ensures prosperity and good omens for you and your household. Likewise, Hanuman statues are aesthetically pleasing works of art that can provide positive effects to your home's design and overall look and feel.

A home that has statues of Hanuman is believed to be protected from ill fate and all forms of evil. When you browse Hanuman statues online, you are likely to find him depicted in various forms. He typically has two forms: as Maruti the courageous, and Maruti the servitor. The latter depicts him standing before Rama with his tail on the ground and his hands folded. As the courageous one, Hanuman is depicted as a being that is ready for battle, with an upright tail and a right hand that is turned to his head. At times, a statue may include a demon crushed beneath his feet. Maruti as the courageous one is typically worshiped to overcome problems regarding black magic and possession.

Some statues of Hanuman may have five faces depicting garud (eagle), varah (boar), sinha (lion), kapi (monkey), and hayagriva (horse), and with 10 arms. In this form, he wields a flag, a sword, a human head, and other weapons. The five faces imply vigilance and control over the five directions, which are above, north, south, east, and west. When Hanuman's face is facing the right, he is aggressive and he emits energy. Hanuman facing the south means he is facing right. Both statues are considered ideal for overcoming the negative effects of distressing and bad energies.