One of the most popular and worshipped gods in India, Ganesh is well-known in his form that comes with an elephant’s head. In India, Ganesh can be found not just in temples but anywhere. You can find Ganesh statues in home altars, wall hangings in meditation centers, and more. His reach has extended far and wide and can even be found in Western countries. Having a Ganesh wall hanging in your home can perk up its look and may even bring in positive energy. Ganesh is known as the remover of obstacles and is worshipped for granting success, protection, and prosperity. 

The elephant head Ganesh wall hanging is quite popular. Most of them are carved out of wood, made from clay, brass, and other materials. You can bring in happiness and prosperity to your home or office by placing a Ganesh head wall hanging by the doorway. Make sure to place Ganesh high above and never on the floor.

Another variation of the Ganesh elephant head wall hanging comes with a bell. This can help to clear the mind and free it from negative thoughts while also creating calmness. The spiritual bell can help in giving a peaceful feeling and offering relaxation. It can be perfect to place a Ganesh wall hanging like this in your bedroom or meditation area. 

If you want the entirety of Ganesh in your home, you may find a wall hanging that shows him with his elephant head and sitting in a lotus position on a lotus. His hands carry items or are in teaching mudras. 

Find Ganesh wall hangings in classic brass or wooden colors. You may even find a Ganesh wall hanging that is gorgeously decorated in turquoise and coral. Make sure to purchase from a reputable seller online to get the best quality and value.