Goddess Durga is considered as the symbol of power and strength and is prayed as the Supreme Being in Shaktism. She is depicted in different forms with different facial features, names, and personas. One of Her most popular statues is that of the Goddess with ten arms, carrying a lethal weapon and slaying the demon, Mahishasura. 

Goddess Durga through all her forms encompasses the essence of sacrifice and salvation. She is considered the mother of bounty and wealth, and also of knowledge and beauty. She represents the female form of Supreme Being and is the embodiment of purity, truth, knowledge and self-realization. This is one of the main reasons most people prefer keeping idols, sculptures and statues of Goddess Durga in their homes. They like to have a reminder of the divine power in their homes to feel safe and protected. 

The statues of Goddess Durga are usually modeled out of clay even though marble, wooden and metal statues and sculptures are also equally popular. Durga statue stands out from others because of its exceptional quality, elegance, and attractive designs. These statues are mostly designed and decorated by highly skilled craftsmen. 

There are noteworthy iconographic differences among the different forms of Durga, even though the same manifestation is universally venerated. The statue of goddess Durga is generally represented as engaged in killing a demon while her other forms are portrayed differently based on the story behind their origin. 

You can invite Divine grace to your home when you use the Durga statue to decorate your home. The statue will also bring a sense of peace and harmony wherever you place it whether it is your living room, altar or corridor. You can also meditate in front of the statue to reduce stress levels and feel calm. 

Durga is not only a powerful force for cosmic order but also a protector for her devotees. The statue of goddess Durga has several elements of charm and elegance which distinguishes it from others. Keep the Durga statue in your house to get spirituality, strength, power, and feel the divine presence.