In Hinduism, Ganesh is considered to be one of the most powerful Gods, and his presence in the form of a statue or a wall hanging is thought to bring prosperity, wealth, and happiness in a home or office. This is why a wall hanging of Lord Ganesh is appropriate and very auspicious as a corporate gift. Ganesh is the God of wisdom and knowledge and is known to dispel evils and remove obstacles in the lives of the Lord’s devotees. To give a wall figure or hanging on the Lord Ganesh as a gift is to wish prosperity in someone’s life. Ganesh is worshipped during festivals, including the Diwali Festival alongside the Goddess Laxmi.

Ganesh wall hangings are available online in all sizes that could fit any room and area. The best ones are crafted with masterful creativity by local artisans, resulting in high-quality wall figures and statues that are also affordable. When positioning a Ganesh wall hanging, there are a few rules to be followed. The ideal placement would be the northeast corner. No objects should be too close to the wall hanging. Once you have a wall hanging or statue of Ganesh, do not add more. One is enough, as two or more will counteract the energy.

For work, you should purchase or gift a wall hanging with a standing Ganesh. This brings much enthusiasm and gives an encouraging energy feel to the people as they work. A vermillion red Ganesh could befit someone who are wishing for self-growth. A Ganesh wall hanging in white colour could suit someone who seeks peace and happiness in their lives. Make sure to buy from a trusted seller with authentic Indian artefacts and Hindu God wall hangings, idols, and statues. They ship for free within the country, and allow online payment via major credit cards. They are also PayPal verified.