Nataraja is a dancing form of Lord Shiva. It symbolically synthesises the most important aspects of Hinduism and captures the tenets of the Vedic religion. Nataraja stands for King of Dancers and is the clearest image of the divine in any art form. The fluid and energetic representation of the dancing figure of Shiva is incomparable in its beauty.

Origin of Nataraja

Embodying the rich iconographic representation of the diverse cultural heritage of India, Natarajas were developed in southern India by the ninth or tenth-century artists in the Chola period. During 880 to 1279 CE, a series of beautiful bronze Natarajas were carved. By 12th century AD, Nataraja had become a supreme expression of divine omnipotence in Indian art.

Rich Symbolism

This marvellous unified and dynamic composition represents the Nataraja as depicting the cardinal directions north, south, east, and west and the right foot is on the prostrate figure while the left foot is raised, The figure is an Apasmara Purusha or illusion and ignorance which Lord Shiva triumphs over. The upper right-hand holds a drum while the lower indicates a gesture of assertion. Lord Shiva has the holy river Ganga in his locks, his third eye symbolising insight and omniscience plus enlightenment. The idol rests on the Lotus, a symbol of the creative force of the universe.

The Dance of Bliss

The cosmic dance of Lord Shiva is called Anadatandava meaning the dance of bliss. Creation and destruction are both part of this, as is the cycle of birth and death. Eternal energy is depicted through creation, preservation, destruction, salvation, and illusion.

Craft Vatika houses some of the most beautiful symbols of Nataraja. This brass, turquoise inlay depicts the Hindu God Shiva on the Apasmara or dwarf. Symbolizing the negative force, the dwarf is destroyed in Shiva’s cosmic dance of creation and destruction all in one. This artefact is stunning in its detailed imagery.

Craft Vatika also offers brass statues with Nataraja as an idol in brass, turquoise sculpture. With coral stone handwork, this beautiful antique statue is handcrafted in India and showcases the divine spiritual energy of this dancing god. Another beautiful piece by Craft Vatika shows the Supreme Being Nataraja dancing the Anandatandava or dance of bliss. This dance seeks to create a separation of ignorance and delusion from enlightenment and reality. Come, sample the wonderful depictions of Nataraja across a wide gamut of equally appealing statues, only at Craft Vatika.