A divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Krishna was an avatar attuned to the Supreme consciousness, with mythology depicting the world as revolving within his mouth. He is known as Madhava, Shyam, Mukunda, Murari and Gopal in different parts of the country. Lord Krishna is worshipped across the world. Hindus venerate the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. He is famous for playing the flute. Much like the magical charm of Krishna's flute which enthralled the Gopikas or cow herd community girls, the state of this Divine God is revered by devotees worldwide.

Magical Charms of a Krishna Statue

Worshipped by millions across the world, Lord Krishna is also the protagonist of the holy text of Bhagavad Gita. Emphasizing the need to transcend this human form and attain divinity through karma or good actions, Lord Krishna's statue is a powerful reminder of how magical and all affirming this Hindu God is. Craftvatika houses a large selection of Lord Krishna statues. One of the most interesting benefits of owning such beautifully carved sculptures such as those we provide is that you can capture the magic and devotion the supreme God is revered through. Playing his mesmerizing flute for the gopis, he has many admirers such as Radha and Meera. The Krishna statue does not have just aesthetic value.

The Religious Significance of Lord Krishna Statues

Krishna is considered to be the Swayam Bhagvaan or the supreme being. Depicted either as an infant stealing butter, a young man playing the flute or a youthful prince guiding Arjuna in the famous Mahabharata, Lord Krishna is a source of inspiration and reverence for Hindus across the globe.  As a supreme being, lover, prank puller, god and child as well as hero of the epic Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna's statues capture the power of his sheer force and role as the Creator of the Universe.

The Value of A Krishna Statue

Craftvatika houses many precious Lord Krishna statues for your home or pooja. The most beautiful expressions, the best quality of creation and artisan's craftsmanship that will leave you spellbound is the promise that Craftvatika lives up to. Add a sense of mysticism, magic and beauty to your home with a stunning Lord Krishna statue that is a token of your love for the Divine Almighty.