India is one of the world’s richest countries when it comes to culture and art. Most of their arts and crafts stem from their deep belief of Hinduism. It’s not unusual to find statues or wall hangings that depict their gods and goddesses. It is also very common for Indian handicraft products to make use of or incorporate materials that are being produced in the country, such as bamboo.

You might notice that even if Indian art pieces are mostly religious, they are also used in western homes and offices purely for aesthetic purposes. If you want to add beauty to your space, why not get some exclusive Indian handicraft products? Here are some popular Indian handicraft products you might like: 

  • Brass handicrafts – Highly durable, brass handicrafts make great gifts for yourself or someone who appreciates well made things. You can find brass crafts such as bowls, plates, figurines, lamps, ornament boxes, vases, wall art, and table toppers. These make excellent gifts for housewarming parties and weddings as well. 
  • Clay crafts – This is one of India’s most ancient forms of handicraft. India has different forms of clay pottery such as black pottery, grey, red, and terracotta pottery. The type of pottery and clay used depends on the location where the piece was made. For example, Uttar Pradesh and Northeast India are known for black wares while West Bengal, Lucknow, and Pune are best known for practical clay products and terracotta planters. 
  • Paper crafts – A popular art form of India, paper crafting and folding may seem simple but actually requires a lot of skill, expertise, and time to make.  Paper crafts from India can include lamp shades, masks, kits, decorative flowers, lanterns, and hand fans.
  • Jute handicrafts – Jute is an inexpensive and natural fiber that is highly available in India. It is used for making a variety of products including lamps, stationery, rugs, bags, wall hangings, jewelry, and footwear.