Radha and Krishna – the eternal symbols of love. The couple that signifies the union of two fundamental forces of nature. She embodies energy and benevolence while he represents supreme godliness in the universe. And together, these two deities are considered to be the ultimate source of inspiration, happiness, fertility and contentment for mortal humans. Having a Radha Krishna statue in your home is a great way to ensure that your life too, is filled with the pure and transcendental love that was felt by Krishna and Radha for each other. These statues will become the perfect accessory to beautify your home and bring a sense of purity and devotion to your living space.

Radha Krishna statues are available in all shapes and forms, with the couple assuming various stances to create a beautiful picture that catches the eye. You can buy one that has both deities sitting lovingly on a swing. Or choose a statue with Krishna playing the flute as Radha assumes a posture of joyous dancing. You can also buy a Radha Krishna statue with a cow that depicts a scene from their many forays in Vrindavan. The statues are available in a variety of materials – brass being the most popular and opulent looking option of them all. The idol itself can be as intricately designed and detailed as you would like, creating an image of these two deities that looks positively lifelike.

Along with bringing loving vibes to your home, a Radha Krishna statue will also create an ambience of bliss, harmony and joy for you to live in. The statue, with all its beauty and allure, will sit like a masterpiece in your living room, drawing attention of onlookers and providing them with a means to seek Radha Krishna’s blessings. If you are a newly married couple, nothing can be more auspicious for your home than a beautiful rendition of the love and devotion that Radha and Krishna feel for each other. The same affection will filter into your own relationship as well.

So go ahead and beautify your home with the best Radha Krishna statue.