Goddess Kali is a powerful source of energy and Shakti which devours all evil such as darkness, sorrow, and bigotry. She is a powerful divine form that cleanses all and fends off negative energy. The benefits of placing a Kali statue at your workplace are multiple.

The Many Forms of Kali

The Dakshina Kali statue involves her right foot stepping and a sword in her left hand. The opposite stance is known as Samshan Kali. When Kali has both feet on Shiva, she is the redeemer of the universe or Bhavatarini. Kali is black, and Shiva as her consort appears white covered in ash. Kali has a mane of black hair, a garland of skulls around her neck, a belt of arms and hands around her waist. The Goddess is a harbinger of justice and war. She is a fierce warrior and is born from the third eye of Hindu goddess Durga.

Choose from one of many Kali statues

Kali is one of the four categories of Kulmarga. This makes her the Divine Mother. Adi Shakti or Adi Parashakti are some of her other names. The Mother of the Universe is known as a divine protector and the granter of moksha. Choose from striking handmade Indian statues of Ma Kali, associated with empowerment and time or kala or exquisite Kali statues of brass, brass handmade figurines, and brass statues with turquoise work. From brass to coral stone handwork, antique and traditional to modern, the interpretations and workmanship of the statues are unique.

Stunning Pieces at Affordable Prices

Opt for metallic creations from high-quality brass polished with care to ensure that the shine does not disappear with long use. Excellent statues are available online that are easy to maintain and add luster to your living space or office. Whether you want to venerate the Goddess or add an aesthetic appeal to your workplace, the quality statues add value for you and your coworkers in a workplace. Offices can gain a sartorial edge with appealing Kali statues. A symbol of empowerment and Shakti, Kali is an auspicious figure in any office. Buy breathtakingly beautiful and spellbinding statues to add elegance and artistic flair to your surroundings.