Ganesha is the Lord of Wisdom and is identified by many names, including Ganapati and Vighneshvara. But did you know that Ganesha is a Sanskrit compound word? Gana means group while isha means ruler. He is one representation of the power of all beings. When you pray to Ganesha, you pray to the whole world-you are creating a connection with all the animals, trees, sun, and moon. Wisdom is the key to peace and Ganesha is the deity to call on if you are seeking tranquillity and calmness. With the power of Ganesha, you will be given the abilities to listen more, talk less, have blessings, be adaptable, think and concentrate. This is why it’s always a good idea to place a Ganesh statue in a home or office. Here are some choices you can consider:

Brass Ganesh statue

If you want the finest of materials, brass is the way to go. A Ganesh statue made of solid brass with turquoise and gemstones is truly a sculpture worth displaying. Buy a brass Ganesha statue with four hands. The upper right hand has a weapon called a Pharsa, which is used to cut attachments. The lower right hand creates a symbol called Abhayamudra, which creates a shield against evil. The upper left hand carries a Shankha which is used to call all people to pray. The lower left hand holds a Modak. It represents that rewards of prayers. This representation of Ganesha in your home can serve as a source of protection and power.

Shrined Ganesh statue

How about adding a beautiful wooden Ganesh statue to your collection? Indian artisans use high-quality wood for these pieces. The intricate designs and carvings represent the intelligence and wealth embodied by this deity. The craftsmanship is amazing; such a statue is truly a work of art.

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