The love story of Radha Krishna is eternal and sublime, and represents the symbolic form of divine union between Jeevatma and Paramatma. These two names are always spoken in a single breath, and cannot be taken without the other. Without Radha, Lord Krishna is incomplete and, without Lord Krishna, Radha can never be complete. Radha Krishna statue is considered to be the symbol of love. Let us see how having Radha Krishna statues at home can build love between couples.

Devotion between the couple:  

Radha had passionate love for Lord Krishna. Radha would fall in love and get mesmerized in the way Lord Krishna plays his flute and would dance around him. Couples who worship Radha Krishna statue at home are reminded of this love and practice complete devotion and unconditional love towards their significant other.

Never giving up on the other:  

Lord Krishna is known for doing harmlessly mischievous things and he was quite famous amongst women. No matter what Krishna did, Radha would never give up on him and so was Krishna. This kind of love comes through immense understanding and perseverance. Couples can learn this trait from Radha Krishna and learn not to give up on the other at any time.

Learn to Sacrifice in Love

When it comes to relationships, sacrifice on the either side is very important to keep the love intact. Radha Krishna was a symbol of sacrificing for one another in love. They were both connected on a spiritual level and their love was beyond the realms of the universe. Couples who worship Radha Krishna at home will learn about the importance of sacrifice in love, and would learn to live for each other unconditionally.

Love is a selfless, blissful feeling and marriage to the loved is a hopeful commitment involving unearthly love between the couples. The chemistry between the couples in the house is built upon patience, trust, sacrifice and immense love like the one Radha Krishna experienced in their time. The presence of Radha Krishna statues would help to induce the normal requisites of love like the above mentioned, aiding the couples to form an eternal connection between them.