It is customary for Buddhists to keep Buddha statues in their homes as a sign of respect to the great sage, Siddhartha Gautama. Buddha after all is revered for being the greatest, most compassionate, and benevolent man to live on the earth. Followers show their devotion to him by remembering his good deeds and a service to mankind. This is why Buddha statues are displayed not only in temples but also in family homes. Even non-religious, non-Buddhist establishments often decorate their spaces with these beautiful statues.

Although most people do not pray directly to Buddha statues, they do believe that his image can bring good luck and happiness. To be specific, laughing Buddha statues in particular are deemed to invite positive vibes and reject negative energies. The Shakyamuni Buddha also symbolizes good luck and happiness but in a different manner. Unlike the laughing Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha statues look calm and peaceful, thus representing serenity and tranquillity. A Shakyamuni Buddha statue can inspire people to walk on the right path—the path that leads to a life of happiness and contentment.

You will notice that there are various small and large Buddha statues that depict him to be walking, standing, sitting, or reclining. All of them have different meanings. In fact, each mudra or hand gesture also symbolizes something specific, making each Shakyamuni Buddha statue unique. For example, Abhaya Mudra means protection while Dharmachackra mudra means enlightenment.

Many factors must be considered when buying a Buddha statue. One of them is the size. Large Buddha statues are preferable because they are easily seen. Keeping the Buddha statue facing the front door is believed to bring a good energy to anyone entering the house. It is also recommended that the statue be placed higher than the eye level position as a sign of reverence.

In terms of material, brass Buddha statues are generally better looking and have higher quality. Buying statues is easier now more than ever because there are online shops that ship all over the country. Some of the best ones even deliver for free.