Known as 'the enlightened one', Lord Buddha is Vishnu's ninth avatar and one of the most popular symbols of Hinduism. Buddha is known to a lot of people and different cultures, particularly as a preacher of tranquility and peace. He may have been born into royalty, yet he picked the path of renunciation on a quest to discover the truth of life, which he symbolizes. Buddha continues to be an inspiration to many people who are seeking the same objective, and his statues bring inspiration and hope to these individuals. Likewise, his statues are believed to bring happiness and prosperity wherever they are displayed. 

Various forms of Buddha are immortalized in statues and figurines, and you can display them in your home or office. His statues often depict him seated and meditating, or laughing, which is highly favored by Feng Shui experts. High-quality statues of Buddha are made of durable metals or carved out of wood, and they are often feature embellishments that bring life to them. The presence of Buddha in your home will bring harmony and peace for the homeowner. If you are buying a Buddha statue for the first time, consider one with him laughing, which signifies happiness and wealth. Moreover, go big. In fact, the bigger the Buddha statue is, the more it is believed to provide more positive energy into your home or office. Consider a Buddha statue that comes with symbols of luck and prosperity, like a sack of treasures or a pot of gold. 

Where you place your Buddha statue matters, since it is believed that certain areas should help invite more prosperity and happiness into your home. For starters, avoid placing his statue on the floor. Prop him up on a table or an altar. In homes with almost no pieces of furniture, the Buddha statue can be placed on a small woven mat, as long as it is elevated from the person doing the pooja.