Buddha statues do not merely symbolize Buddha himself, but they serve as an inspiration to followers of the enlightened one. The statues typically depict him in different poses, but those that show him laughing or seated and meditating are treated as a divine symbol of happiness and peace in various cultures. Likewise, his statues are symbols of good fortune and wealth. Placing a statue of Buddha in the heart of your home or office will serve as an inspiration to motivate you and remind you of your own capabilities to achieve a great life. Looking at the statue may provide you a sense of inner peace and enlightenment. 

Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment after leaving his noble life and through meditation under the Bodhi tree. Many of his statues depict him meditating, but apart from inspiring enlightenment and inner peace, the meditating Buddha is also considered a symbol of his teachings on life and death. Buddha is known for preaching the four noble truths in Buddhism: suffering (dukha), the cause of suffering (samudaya), the end of suffering (nirodha), and the sweep of suffering (magga). The statues signify faith, too, which is necessary for you to move and believe that you can achieve greater things if you believe in yourself. With faith and belief in yourself, you can be avoid dwelling on your inner troubles, which are often the reasons for self-doubt and suffering. Buddha statues symbolize hope, too. Like faith, hope motivates people to make an effort to better themselves. 

If you are looking for a Buddha statue, the best place to get start exploring is online. Find a reputable store that carries a wide variety of Indian arts and crafts. Buddha statues come in different sizes, from only a few inches to a few feet tall. When it comes buying a statue of Buddha, consider one that is bigger, since it is believed that larger statues bring more happiness, peace, and prosperity.