Shiva is the Great God and a major deity of Hinduism, usually seen holding a trident with his right lower arm. The trident symbolizes the overall world, the immediate world, and the inside world. Shiva wears garlands made out of skulls and five serpents around his neck. The god is also known to have 6 heads but only 5 are shown as the 6th will only be visible to the enlightened ones. A wide range of Lord Shiva statues are available online. You can usually find Shiva’s head or an entire representation of the god in different positions.

One of the most popular types of the Lord Shiva statues is the dancing one, which is also called Shiva Nataraja. These statues are usually seen in temples that are dedicated to Shiva, but they can also be used in home altars. The Shiva Nataraja shows the Lord Shiva stepping on a demon. His stance of energy shows one arm crossed over his chest while one leg is crossed over his body.

 Another common statue you might find of Lord Shiva is in the meditating form. He is seen sitting on a tiger skin rug or wearing elephant skin. Some statues also show Shiva standing on an elephant demon’s crumpled skin. 

The lingam, a phallus representation, is also a popular depiction of Shiva as he has been synthesized with pre-Hindu fertility Gods. Hybrid statues have Shiva’s face engraved on the phalluses’ shaft. 

Shiva statues are usually made from metals like copper and brass (except for lingam statues, which are made from stone like limestone and sandstone). Wood carvings of Shiva are also available. If you have a Shiva statue, never place it under clothes’ lines or the end of your bed. The best place to put the statue is on an altar.