Ganesh Utsav, also known as Vinayakar Chathurthi or Ganesh Chathurthi is one of the major Hindu festivals that revere Lord Ganesha. It is a ten-day festival that falls typically in months of August or September. The main part of the festival is the installation of Lord Ganesha’s clay idols. It is either privately placed in homes or publicly placed on temporary stages or pandals. During the ten-day festival time, people chant Vedic hymns and offer prasadams to Lord Ganesha. The offerings and prasadams are then distributed to the people.

Ganesh Statue – An Important Part in Ganesh Utsav

Lord Ganesha’s idol plays a major part in the celebration of Ganesh Utsav. People install Ganesh statues, preferably clay idols and worship the statue for more than 10 days. At home, the festival preparations include purchase of pooja items, mainly the clay idol and other accessories. The idol is often referred to as Ganesh murti. People worship and offer special prayers, along with sweets on those 10-days. They decorate a small, clean place with flowers and other accessories; then install the Ganesh murti. On the day of the festival, the clay idol is installed, special poojas, holy mantras and bhajans are performed, along with special offerings like sweet and modakams.

Public celebration and worship of the Ganesh Utsav are popular, and are usually organized by local people, associations or at times by a group of people who have trading as their profession. The Ganesh idols are installed in temporary statues and are kept for public display. Special poojas, holy mantras are performed on daily basis, and sweets are distributed as prasadams to the people.

The preparation of clay idol is made by skilled artisans and the size of the murti ranges from an inch to as big as storeys. The idols are usually made of clay or at times using plaster of Paris. Also, the idols are even made from coconuts and other organic products like leaves, sugar canes, etc. Since the government has banned the use of plaster of Paris to make idols, eco-friendly idols are being preferred now. These eco-friendly idols are purchased on day of celebration, worshipped, and immersed in Bay of Bengal the following Sunday.

Buying different types of Ganesh statue and decorating them with multiple accessories has become a culture in the worshipping communities. And hence the demand for different types of Ganesh statues are quite high during the time of Ganesh Utsav.