Religious statues are made to represent their Hindu Gods and Goddesses for veneration. These idols are symbols of faith that bring positive energy into the lives of devotees. These Hindu God idols are very much connected to people—they affect their mindsets because they are believed to channel vast amounts of energy that can change luck and increase prosperity. Placement is very important, and there are some basic rules to be followed when positioning Hindu God idols. Not only are these idols ubiquitous in Indian homes, temples and workplaces— they are also worshipped during festivals and occasions. They are also widely used in Western spaces.

The presence of these Hindu Gods in the form of statues and idols is widely believed to bring peace and prosperity in people’s lives. For example, a statue of Shiva can make a home more harmonious, depending on its depiction. A sitting Shiva is a calm energy that will balance the life of a person with high energy, while a dancing Shiva brings a forceful energy to someone who has a soft personality.

The existence of these idols and statues bring a balance to their devotees’ lives. But they can also bring a sense of calm and beauty to any home, even if the residents are non-Hindu. Needless to say, these idols must be respected and given their proper place. They are believed to be more than figurines since they represent Hindu Gods and Goddesses. They are not mere statues that can be placed anywhere one wishes. For one, they should never be placed on the floor and must always be elevated. Some gods can be placed in both the home and workplace, but some should never be used in offices.

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