Decorating the home with Indian handicrafts, especially the living room, is the perfect way to beautify your living space. There are interesting and intricate handicrafts on offer at some of India’s leading online stores for art and handicrafts. Sample a beautiful dancing Lord Shiva statue or admire a Ganesha wall décor, from brass to jute and clay, different types of handicraft goods are available online.

Brass Handicrafts

These provide a durable and sturdy option for decoration. There are many brass handicrafts to choose from including table tops, vases, wall décor, lamps, plates, bowls, figurines, and ornament boxes. Brass products are protected by a massive coating of lacquer. Brass products are polished to keep the shine in place and remove the tarnishing.

Jute Handicrafts & Clay Handicrafts

These add a wow factor to your living room. This is made of affordable natural fibres. There is a huge range of jute products including lamps, tables, bags, rugs, office stationary, curtains, wall hangings, and much more. An eco-friendly option, these can be a natural and environmentally sound way to decorate homes. Clay is one of the most ancient Indian handicraft forms. Choose from adorable terracotta pieces and beautiful vases to decorate the house. There are multiple types of clay ware such as terracotta, red, grey, and black pottery.

Wooden Handicrafts & Marble Handicrafts

Decorate your living room with wooden pieces made with care and attention to detail. Adorn your home with toys, utensils, wooden furniture, decorative pieces, jewellery and designer goods like lamp shades and more.

Marble elephants, god idols, and more can be the perfect way to rev up your living room’s style quotient. Marble decorative vases and items for use in a living room combine aesthetics with functionality.

Art and Metal Handicrafts

Wall art designed for a living room is a bold new trend. One can choose from numerous designs that add value to your living room wall. India is world renowned for its cultural diversity and artwork. India has long been known as the land of artwork and rich cultural heritage. With the right choice, you can get the best in Indian art and handicraft, tapping the indigenous skill of craftsmanship and exquisite detailing that comes from India’s diversity and rich cultural heritage. From Hindu sculptures such as Hanuman and Ganesh statues to Radhe Krishna, Shiva and more as well as Indian god idols, wall décor, jewellery, and clothing, there is a host of items on sale for the refined art lover’s tastes and preferences.