Durga, the mother goddess of Hinduism, has many incarnations. It is believed that she is the cause of creation, obliteration, and sustenance. Durga is essentially formless and is purely energy, and that is why she manifests in other gods and demi-gods. You may find rare and mesmerizing statues of Durga in different form in India and Nepal.

In Durga’s depictions, you can see her with eight or ten hands. The hands symbolize the eight or ten directions in Hinduism and suggest that she provides protection to all devotees from all directions. Durga can be depicted riding a lion or a tiger; the tiger represents the infinite power thus goddess possesses, while the lion represents the animalistic tendencies that are hard to control, such as anger, selfishness, jealousy, arrogance, and greed. Durga sitting on the lion serves as a reminder to control these tendencies, so that they don’t control you.

There are Durga statues that are made of brass, and some are even adorned with precious stones such as coral and turquoise. If you wish to have a Durga statue that is not in a sitting position, you may also find statues of her in a victory stance. There are also statues depicting Durga riding her lion as she slays Mahishasura. It is believed that Durga has been reincarnated only to destroy Mahishasura, who intended to kill the Devas.

If you are looking to buy a Durga statue, it’s best to purchase it from an authentic and reputable online seller. Do you want to purchase a rare and unique statue? Look for an online store that sources its products from local Indian artisans. It will even be better if you find a seller that supports India’s local economy and donates part of the sales to charity. It is also important to always check the returns policy of the seller in order to ensure the statue’s quality.