Ganesh Wall Hangings: Gifting Ideas for Inauguration party

Home inauguration is undeniably one of the most important events in a family’s life.  Moving into a residence is filled with joy and great expectations of a safe, secure and happy life. It is precisely because of the such joy that friends and family are invited for the inauguration or house warming celebration. Guests who are invited for home inauguration sometimes get confused on the right gift for the occasion. A simple answer exists for well-meaning friends of the family that is moving into their new home – a wall hanging ganesh sculpture.

Gift that is elegant, classy and an artifact

A brass turquoise ganesh wall hanging sculpture can be the most elegant and classic gift for a friend taking up residence. It is an artifact that impresses by the quality of its finish, the skill of the artisan and superior material.  It can adorn literally any space within the residence and lift the overall appearance of the living space.

Auspicious idol for dwelling as per Hindu customs

A ganesh idol is considered to be auspicious as per Hindu customs and religion. It is believed to bring in great prosperity and happiness to the dwelling. An invitee to a home inauguration would do well to wish the new resident great success and prosperity by gifting a wall hanging ganesh sculpture. Not only will it’s look appeal to the residents, it will help them to see greater success and prosperity.

Good fengshui for wisdom and wealth

Considered as good fengshui for wisdom and wealth, it will help the inhabitants of the residence to acquire greater knowledge and wealth. Ganesh is considered as the destroyer of all evil and any obstacles that may come in the path of those residing in the home adorned with the idol mask.  It is a good idea to gift a loved one with a wall hanging that can bring good luck and success.

Make the home inauguration more memorable and enjoyable for the new home owner, by gifting a stunning wall hanging of Ganesh. This will improve the esthetics of the living space in addition to translating your wishes of prosperity into reality by the wall hanging sculpture.