Lord Ganesha is associated with peace and prosperity for Hindus around the world. Many consider the Ganesha figurine or statue to be a harbinger of auspicious beginnings. The elephant headed God has 4 hands and a mouse as his vehicle. While the idols, figurines as well as paintings of Lord Ganesha are popular in the Hindu community as a gift, the question remains as to why this is considered a source of positive energy? To understand this, you need to consider the story of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha's Legend: A Story Unlike Any Other

Devi Parvati, the Goddess and wife of Lord Shiva had a son Ganesha. When Parvati was taking her bath, she asked her son to stand on guard and not let anyone enter the room. When Lord Shiva came searching for his wife, Ganesha did not permit him to enter. A battle ensued between the two and Ganesha was beheaded. Then, the goddess came to him and asked him to restore Little Ganesha's life. Lord Shiva used the head of an elephant while restoring him to life. Devi Parvati also has Lord Ganesha important powers for him to play a divine role. From then onwards, he became a God people pray to before starting on any journey because he is known as Vighna Harta or remover of obstacles.

A Revered Deity With Immense Powers

Idols, figurines and statues of Lord Ganesha are a popular gift among those of the Hindu community.   But whether it is an inauguration of the office or a home Griha Pravesh, these idols make for a popular gift on any occasion. Lord Ganesha is a popular figure among the young and old alike for his friendly appearance and divine powers. Gifting a Ganesha figurine is the best choice for those who want to awaken good fortune for their friends and loved ones.

A Gift for Any Occasion

Ganesha figurines can be the perfect gift for any occasion whether it is starting a new venture, attending an interview or appearing for an exam. Lord Ganesha is a positive force in every one's life.  Gift Ganesha art to those who are welcoming their birthday or looking for a wonderful year ahead. Housewarming ceremonies are also a wonderful occasion for gifting Lord Ganesha. By offering them the idol of the God of good fortune, you wish for an auspicious stay for the residents of the house.

Self Gifting a Ganesha

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