Undeniably, brass is the metal of choice figurines and statues. Globally, brass and bronze has a special attraction, lending its name to the statue itself.  For instance, statues of a bygone era are more often than not, identified as a Chola Bronze or Brass etc.  A brass Buddha lends more elegance to the place it occupies, by virtue of the statue being an idol of Buddha and the metal used in the making of the statue.  Highlighted below are a few features present in a brass Buddha, which can help you choose the right one.

Various classic postures symbolizing beliefs of Buddhism

BrassBuddha statues are generally available in various postures, each posture symbolizing various mudras. These mudras typically seen in iconography and spiritual symbols of religions practiced in the Indian sub-continent, are representative. For instance, a statue of the Buddha with finger touching the earth symbolizes his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Similarly, various other postures are available, which you can choose to reflect your mood or help you to meditate on what’s portrayed.

Ideal gifting concept for various occasions

A bronze Buddha is an ideal gifting concept suitable for most occasions.  This could be the perfect anniversary, wedding, birthday, fengshui or home décor gift. Carefully crafted from high quality brass, these statues are a fine example of Indian craftsmanship. With a deep and historical tradition of sculptures and statues, India has some of the finest craftsmen in the world, who weave magic with their fingers, that is passed on from generation to generation.

Intricate design with relief work on surface

The intricate relief work on the surface of the brass Buddha are a joy to behold. Of uniform design and executed to enhance the appearance, the exquisite carving and finish, help to portray a quality that is visually appealing.  Coupled with the strong religious beliefs of certain postures such as the blessing Buddha, the 8 inch statue will be a great gift to give others or oneself.  If you haven’t been gifted one, then it would be the right time to get one for yourself.

The subcontinent is strong in cultural and religious beliefs. The talismans, the figurines, the iconography and various other symbols hold great importance in religious rituals. If you would like to relive the cultural and religious traditions, then it is time to get a brass Buddha from one of the best handicraft dealers in India.