Religious or cultural idols, statues, and wall sculptures are more than just beautiful pieces for display at homes, offices, and other places. They give visitors a unique insight into a person’s belief, personality, or culture. They offer a one of a kind view into a person’s world. People display their religious and cultural artefacts because it represents themselves, their world, and the belief that they devote themselves into. They are more than just paintings or pieces of metal. A wall sculpture of Lord Ganesh can bring prosperity and happiness in your life. The presences of the Hindu deities are very auspicious, and they are thought to bring positive energies into the homes of their devotees.

 A white Ganesh is good for those who seek peace and wealth while a vermillion red Ganesh is ideal for someone who wants self-growth. If you wish to put up a wall sculpture of the Lord Ganesh at your office, choose a standing Ganesh because it brings enthusiastic energy to your work. A wall sculpture of Lord Shiva may be good for your home, but the powerful energy of Shiva is too strong for your workplace.

While these wall sculptures are fine pieces of handicrafts made by local artisans, they are more than just wall decorations. If you do not practice Hinduism and bring one home, respect the cultural and religious value of these sculptures. Believing in the energy of these Hindu Gods and Goddesses can bring prosperity into your life. Although there is nothing wrong with having one simply for display, there are certain rules that must be followed in terms of placement. For one, they must never be placed on the floor, close to the foot of your bed, or under anything such as a cupboard, clothesline, etc. Even if you are not Hindu, you must respect these idols and wall sculptures.