The best thing about Indian handicrafts is that they depict a deep love for history, religion, and tradition. Every piece of statue or sculpture is handmade by Indian artisans who learned their craft from the previous generation. It’s no wonder why avid collectors from all over the world are fascinated by these works of art.

Hinduism is one of the biggest influence in Indian handicrafts. The religion, which pays tribute and homage to more than 30 million deities, serves as an inspiration to many local artisans who create unique handcrafted images of these gods. It is also because of this religion that many people across the globe develop an affinity to Hindu idols.

The market for high-quality statues of Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman, and other deities is bigger than ever. Even if they are not Hindus, collectors and art enthusiast buy Hindu deity images because they believe in the positive vibes and good fortune they bring in the home or work place. Many people also collect Indian handicrafts for aesthetic purposes. They, too, prefer handmade items because they look luxurious and generally have higher quality.

Want to start collecting Indian handicrafts? Try shopping online. Rare pieces are harder to find in the local shops most of the products are mass produced. You have a higher chance of buying unique and collectable items from online shops, especially if the store only sells Indian Handicrafts. Of course, you have to make sure that the shop is indeed a recognized and trusted supplier of artisan products and authentic handmade items.

How do you spot if the shop is reputable? Check the products that they are selling. The best online shops for Indian handicrafts often have a wide variety of items from statues, sculptures, jewellery, traditional clothing, to wall hangings. They post actual photos of their products, too. You can also confirm the shop's reliability by reading feedback and reviews from their previous customers.