The sub-continent of India is a cultural melting pot, with deep rooted traditions retracing steps to ancient civilizations. In Hinduism, Kali, also known as the gentle mother and fierce warrior is revered and feared at the same time. Most of the depictions portray the goddess when in a fierce or menacing mood.  Touted as the indestructible power in mythology, Kali statues are great pieces of art, popular globally. Outlined below are some of the features that are a must in Kali statues.

Popular portrayals seen in statues globally

While there are numerous depictions of the goddess as per mythology, the most popular portrayal is that of the goddess standing on the prostrate body of a demon. This vivid portrayal captured through iconic brass turquoise is a marvelous rendition that will adorn decorative spaces or places of worship inside homes. In some instances the portrayal also includes the goddess on the prostrate body of Shiva who throws himself at her feet to prevent further bloodshed.

Multiple arms to depict immense power

The goddess is always depicted with more than two arms. Four, six or eight arms are generally portrayed. This interprets as power to wield over forces, and the ability to ward off or protect devotees. Brass statues need to portray a number of hands in various positions, all emanating from the same body in a manner that does not appear grotesque. The rendering needs to be in a manner to show power and draw reverence from devotees.

Depiction of weapons in arms

The different arms need to be depicted with weapons in their hands. This completes the picture of a goddess who is out to wage a fierce far and protect. Usually, the weapons that are shown are swords or tridents. The swords would be of different shapes and need to appear a bit menacing.  Sometimes a mace or a flying chakra are also included in the weapons displayed in the hands of the goddess.

A brass Kali statue is an ideal gifting option. People of various cultures who tour India are fascinated by the art form and the mythology associated with the statues of the goddess. If you intend to gift a goddess Kali statue, then you should ideally look for a brass statue which portrays the above features without fail in a manner that shows power wielded in a manner to save and protect.