Today, it has become a common phenomenon to have Buddha’s statue at home. Many homes or even offices, we visit today, either of relatives or friends, we see in some corner of the house, there being the statue of ‘laughing Buddha'. While some people keep it just to add beauty to their home, some people install the statue of Buddha because of their belief in what Buddha gives. So let us understand the significance of having the statue of Buddha installed either at home or your workplace and whether there are any dos and don’ts that need to be followed while installing such an idol.

It is popularly believed that the short and stout appearance of Buddha resembles the physical attributes of a Buddhist Zen monk who lived more than 1000 years back. As per the Feng Shui belief, laughing Buddha showers on the members of the house with abundance, good luck as well as satisfaction or contentment. Whether it is in terms of happiness, wealth or success, Buddha guarantees his followers with an abundance of everything. Overall, considering the hectic, fast paced and stressful lives we lead, the statue of Buddha releases positivity and calm energy in the entire house.

Today, owing to the large number of believers in the science of Feng Shui, there are plenty of different kinds of Buddha statues available in the market. However, according to Feng Shui principles, different poses of Buddha symbolizes different things. Like for instance,

Buddha in standing position demonstrates abundance of wealth and happiness;

Buddha in sitting posture symbolizes stability and tranquility of thoughts;

Buddha holding bad stands for prosperity;

Buddha wearing a fan hat indicates an abundance of enjoyment and good luck.

While installing the statue of Buddha in your house will surely bring in a lot of good luck to you and your family members. However, as per the Feng Shui principles, what is more, important is how you place the idol or the statue. To begin with, it is believed that Buddha was born on the 8th of May. Hence, installing Buddha statue on that day ushers lot of good luck and not only this but is also fulfills all your wishes. The idol should be preferably placed in the East direction in such a manner that all the family members will be able to see it properly while being seated in the living room. This helps in the amicable settlement of disputes between the members of the family. Keeping the idol in your workplace helps in reducing stress and tension, helps you in clearing your mind and also protects you from your competitors or rivals while keeping one on your workstation or personal desk brings in luck and enhances your professional ambitions.

Having, said this, there are also a couple of things that people should remember before getting the Buddha idol. The idol should be kept at a height equal to your eye level; it should neither be kept on the floor nor your television unit. It should not be kept in proximity to any electrical equipment and motor parts and lastly, avoid keeping the statue either in the kitchen or bathroom.

Now, that we have understood the significance of having the statue installed in your home, all you have got to do is to get an idol that you find right and follow these simple dos and don’ts and experience Buddha’s charm working for you as well as your family members.