Lord Ganesh and his benevolent form can bring a lot of prosperity, luck and success to your life. This is the deity who holds the position of being the first honoured in every prayer. Ganesh’s presence in a home is always considered to be a purveyor of fortune and happiness. He is one God that devotees love to treat and host as a beloved family member in their homes. He is one God that followers trust blindly to answer their prayers. Having a large Ganesh statue in your home will inspire affluence, growth and passion in your life while allowing you to make a great impression as well.

Ganesh statues are placed in homes to ward off evils and remove obstacles from the lives of the homeowners. The best location to place the statue will be the north east corner of the house where the first sun rays will fall upon his feet every morning. The idol with Ganesh in a sitting posture is considered best for home placement – it represents a calm yet determined demeanour which is the exact kind of energy you would want for your house. Try and get a brass Ganesh statue with the deity’s trunk tilted towards the left side – this form of the lord is considered to be easier to please.

Ganesha statues are a must have in modern homes where interior décor and mythology combine together to create stunning ornamental accents for a living space. A beautifully designed and intricately detailed statue of the elephant god will not only bring happiness and joy to the household, it will also become the instant centre of attraction in your space as well. Your beloved deity can hold a place of prominence in your living room, letting guests know of the wonderful connection that you share with the lord. And of course, the entire room will come alive with the presence of a beautiful Ganesh idol that will spark a sense of liveliness and positivity into the home.

Make sure you get a large Ganesh statue for your home – the blessings of the lord are all you need to achieve happiness and success in life.