Nataraja or Lord Shiva’s statues are considered to be sacred by the ardent followers of Hinduism. It is considered to be the depiction of Lord Shiva as the cosmic, ecstatic dancer in trance. The pose and the artwork of Natraja are described in several ancient Hindu inscriptions and vedas. The most appealing and mind-blowing fact of Nataraja sculpture is that the Lord Shiva is shown as a source of all kind of movements within the cosmos.

Importance of Nataraja Brass Statues:

The ecstatic dance of Lord Shiva is referred to as Ananda Tandavam; the dance in which the cosmos or the universe is created, maintained and destroyed. Lord Shiva is considered to be the powerful triad of divine energy within the cosmos or the universe. The following are the significance possessing a Nataraja’s brass statue in your home

First, Lord Shiva’s dance is seen as the depiction of his rhythmic play, which is considered to be the source of all the movement within the universe. It symbolizes the connection between the religion and art forms. Shiva is believed to be the “lord of dance”, and this encompasses all “creation, destruction, and all other things in between” that happens in the universe.

Secondly, Nataraja incorporates fearless celebration of joys, while being surrounded by fire. Thus keeping a Nataraja brass statue helps people to be untouched by forces of ignorance and evil forces, and thus signifying spirituality.

The purpose of Nataraja’s dance is to release the souls of all men from the snares of illusion. The dance is considered to be the pictorial representation of five principles of eternal energy such as creation, destruction, preservation, salvation, and illusion.

Creation relates the evolution of mankind, preservation relates to the support provided to the mankind, destruction defines the death, illusion helps the mankind to release him from “self”, and final principle is salvation which refers to emancipation or release.

Lastly, keeping the Nataraja statue at home, releases men from illusion of the idea of “self” and of the surrounding physical world. Nataraja’s dance posture depicts Lord Shiva, and significant visual representation of Brahman.

The Nataraja brass statues are some of the most powerful that is believed to balance all the five elements of energy. Keeping the brass statues in the home and worshipping that would bring balance and steadiness in to a family.