The Ganesha is known with different names such as Chaturbujh (four arms) , Ganesha, Ganesh, Ganpati, Vinayaka, Pillaiyar, Gajanan etc. The Ganesha is one of the most loved and the best known deities in India and Indeed one of the most recognized Hindu Lord outside the India. People from across and from different religious not only admire but also have great faith in him. He is one of the most worshiped Gods in the Hindu Pantheon. Ganesha Belong to Shiva Parvati Family. The Lord shiva, who is supreme God in Shaivism, is the father of Ganesha and Parvati, Goddess of Love, Fertility and Devotion, is his mother. His Family also includes his Brother, Kartikeya, who is known as the War God. There are various mythological stories about Ganesha's marital status. Some view relates him with concept of Buddhi, Ridhi and siddhi, which personified as Goddess. Buddhi refers to Intellect, Ridhi to Prosperity and Siddhi to Spiritual Power. These three Goddess said to be Ganesh's Wives. Some believe the Ganesha as Brahmachari (unmarried) which is more accepted in North and south India. There are few more beliefs and patterns regarding his status of marriage and its subject of considerable scholorlary review.

Popularity of the Ganesha : - It is widely known that he is Lord of remover of Obstacles and bring luck and prosperity. Ganesha is Shubh for starting new thing, hence is also God of Begining. Interestingly, In Hinduism, Ganesha is the one who get the first wedding card because people believe, he will make the Journey smoother, Happier and would bring Shubh in couple's life. He is worshiped & mentioned at many occasions especially before starting any new task, Venture, Buying new & important things, Important undertakings. Any Art & Dance program, especially in south India, start with Ganesh Vandna (Ganesh Prayer). It is believed that if Ganesha is propitiated, he grants success, prosperity and protection against adversity. The Ganesha also plays important role in Vastu. God Brahma had Created Vastu Shastra. Lord Ganesha is believed to reduce negative impact of Vastu dosh. At the main entrance of Home, Ganesha Statue is placed and in Vastu, It is believed that at home sitting Ganesha and at Work standing Ganesha (feet touching earth) should be placed which is known to bring stability in work. Ganesha is God of Wisdom and Intellect. He has always been associated with Buddhi (knowledge) and known as lord of letters and learning. Ganesha's popularity and acceptance, which is beyond any territorial boundaries, is amazing.