When you decorate your home, it is not just about buying beautiful and expensive decorative items and putting them up together on display. Your home decor adds a personality to your home and things which you decorate your home with say a lot about you. Many people decorate their home using paintings, sculptures, multiple photos frames with interesting images and souvenirs from different trips. Each room has a theme and people use different elements in interesting arrangements to make the whole room appealing to the eye. 

It is nice to have a statement piece that grabs the attention in your home. Something memorable that makes your home stand out. It can be a life-size painting, sculpture, lighting fixture or a statue. You can also keep a theme in every room where you have one major decorative piece standing out from the rest. 

These days many people are using statues of religious Hindu idols to decorate their homes. While some people place the idols, statues, and sculptures for religious reasons, others keep them for decorative purposes. One of the most popular statues is that of Hindu Goddess Durga that people like to keep in their homes. 

Goddess Durga symbolizes the power of a woman which is one of the main reasons people love to keep the statue, sculptures or paintings of the goddess in their homes. Many people like to have a reminder of the divine power in their homes to feel safe and protected as well as making them choose statues of religious idols as well. 

The colorfully painted and intricately carved Goddess Durga statues look mesmerizing and pleasing to the eye. It is the kind of thing that catches your eyes and captivates you. You are bound to feel calm and relaxed after looking at the beautiful idol. 

Artisans carve out Goddess Durga in different materials and the commonly used ones are metal, wood, resin, and ceramic. The statues are also available in marble stone, jade, and other expensive materials. The price usually depends on the raw material as well as its size. 

Keep the statue of Goddess Durga in your home to feel the divine presence. Your guests will also be smitten with the statue. It might also be an interesting conversation starter in your home.