A religious-cultural symbol very famous in the South of India, Nataraja, also known as the posture of the king of the dance, is an artifact of great artistic value. As the very translation of the name in Sanskrit suggests, the Nataraja statue portrays various poses of dance.  If you have decided to gift a brass Nataraja for any occasion, then it would help to also understand the various postures adopted. The combination of brass and action-filled posture deep-rooted in tradition give a wonderful effect to the statue. Here are some of the postures that you commonly get to see in a brass Nataraja.

The significance of the ring

Most of the statues have a ring within which the king of the dance is portrayed. It symbolizes a ring of fire that will destroy creation held in the upper left hand. Brass statues of Nataraja handcrafted by extremely gifted and expert craftsmen portray a perfect ring of fire. This adds to the beauty of the statue, encircling the dance movements and enhancing the form.

Stamping out illusion and ignorance

The leg stamping a demon symbolizes the crushing of illusion and ignorance.  While different temples and sculptures show variance in the poses, the interpretation is the same. The cosmic dance symbolized in the classic Nataraja stance is a fiery representation, very popular in cultural and religious circles. Entire programs revolve around the staging of this cosmic dance. Gifting a neat little Nataraja statue to a connoisseur of art and tradition is a great idea.

Creation of a new life

The dance symbolizes the creation of a new life from the ashes.  Bronze statues and figurines in the classic stance are wonderful replicas of the statues in temples in the South of India.  The whole posture portrays with great intrigue the balance achieved while also depicting fast paced action in the destruction of forces to pave the way for a new rising.

The statues with reliefs are great pieces of art, exquisite and intricate, a testimony of the skill of the craftsmen behind the statue.  It is a timeless tradition that very machines can replicate. In great demand among those appreciative of culture and deep religious beliefs, the Nataraja state can be a great option for gifting.  The statues or figurines that showcase dancing can adorn your living room lending it a classic look with a touch of elegance.