Radha Krishna Statue: Give a Positive Energy and Good Luck

One of the more popular statues in Hindu religion, is the Radha Krishna statue. It symbolizes love between Hindu gods. These intricately carved and sculpted statues are believed to bring good fortune to residences where they are placed.  This is because of the significance of the statues in Hindu mythology. Deeply rooted in Indian culture and tradition these statues are wonderful works of art, that create a soothing and pleasant atmosphere in residences. We draw closer to the reasons for possessing one of these collectables.

Symbolizing the masculine as well as feminine aspects of Hindu gods

Since both Radha and Krishna are featured as a couple, the statue symbolizes the masculine and feminine aspects of Hindu gods.  The depiction of Radha in the statue shows her to be lost in the mellifluous notes of the flute blown by Krishna. This symbolization of perfect union and joy in the company of each other can have a good influence on the members of the home.

Depicting love and devotion

The statue depicts love and devotion of the couple. This translates into a better atmosphere in the homes where the statues are placed. As per Hindu religion, both Radha and Krishna are incarnations, and this depiction of an incarnated couple can wield influence over couples in homes.  This subtle influence will bring in a lot of positive energy and happiness into homes, driving away all negative thoughts and feelings of ill will.

Showcasing Indian art in exquisite brass and turquoise combination

The Radha Krishna statue in brass showcases the wealth of Indian craftsmanship. The combination of brass with turquoise inlay and corals makes a splendid collectable that can occupy any living area with elegance. One of the most important features of these statues is the hand finish that lend them an exquisite and intricate appearance.

Possessing a beautiful Radha Krishna statue is strongly believed to bring in loads of positive vibes and good fortune. Enjoy the elegance of this combination statue while benefitting from the good fortune it brings to all residents of the household.