Almost every Hindu family home—not matter how small—has an altar, which is revered as sacred place of worship. One of the most common figures found in these altars is the Hanuman statue because it is believed to bring wealth and protection into the house and to the people living in it. 

Hanuman is known as a god of strength who possesses nine magics. He is also famed as a resolver of problems and a protector against evil spirits. There are many reasons why displaying and worshipping a brass Hanuman statue in your home is beneficial.


A lot of people believe that praying Hanuman brings good luck. Placement of the statue is important, though; Hanuman must never be placed inside the bedroom of a couple. That's because Hanuman is unmarried. Displaying it in a separate puja or a small temple in your home is the proper way to go.


Since Hanuman is also a resolver and protector, the statue also ensures that the entire household is safe from negative energy and evils. According to Hindu scriptures, Hanuman helped Lord Ram defeat King Ravan of Lanka, and this is why he is believed to be a protector.

Better Decisions

Hanuman also helped Lord Shani Dev escape from a prison in Lanka. Because of this, Lord Shani Dev trusts him. He comes to Hanuman when he encounters a problem. On top of this, Hanuman is himself a guru. Having Hanuman statue in your home, allows you to approach him instantly when you need a solution.

Brass Hanuman statues are deemed better in terms of quality and appearance. Many people prefer them to wooden statues because they are elegant looking at the same time durable. If you want to buy Hanuman statues and other statues of Hindu deities, then try online shopping. You will find a wider selection if you choose a dedicated online shop that specialises in Hindu arts and handicraft.