Mass produced products might come at an affordable price, but they rarely have charm or elegance. The piece you buy is just one of the thousands, or in some cases millions, of the same kind. There is nothing special about them, no story behind them. This is the main reason why people like to buy handicrafts whether it comes it decorative items, clothes or even shoes. 

Handicrafts are created with extreme care and love, and each product has a story behind it. The techniques used in creating these handicrafts are sewn tightly with tradition and culture. Indian handicrafts are especially rising in demand in the foreign shores. Many of the techniques used in India for creating handicrafts are unique to the country whether it is the technique of creating bamboo shoes, hand block printing of fabrics, carvings on metal amongst other things. 

Indian handicrafts have a plenty of regional specialties as well, for instance, silk scarves and saris from Varanasi, sandalwood and rosewood sculptures from Karnataka, pashmina shawls and suits from Kashmir, mojri from Rajasthan, and much more. In this fast-growing market it is a bliss that the skilled artisans /have the scope of getting/are getting much attention and fame they deserve. 

Some of the most loved decorative pieces are brass statues and figurines with colorful stones such as turquoise, coral, and others. These colorful décors are attention grabbers and also conversation starters at parties and get-togethers. 

Foreigners come to India and fall in love with the colorful and unique handicrafts available here. The internet has led to an increase in awareness about the handicraft products. People from around the world, who may never have visited India before, are learning more about these one-of-a-kind products from different parts of India. They are trying to get a hold of these for personal use. Ever since the advent of e-commerce, many vendors are also selling these products online to national and international clients. The demand has seen a steep rise since then. And India is now one of the leading producer and suppliers of traditional handicrafts.