The story about the life of one of the most prominent figures in religious history is generally a narrative of how one should confront suffering. Siddhartha Gautama was actually the son of a rich king in Nepal. He had all that he can imagine-servants, jewellery, and women. He was isolated for a number of years until he went outside of his palace and saw sick and dying men. Horrified and fascinated by what he had seen, he left his home to seek knowledge from other holy men. He avoided physical comforts and pleasures, turned to compassion, cultivated the highest forms of meditation, and finally achieved the highest state of enlightenment: nirvana.

Large Buddha statues

A 20-inch large Abhaya Buddha statue can help remind you to be more mindful and aim to seek the path of enlightenment in your daily actions. You can place large Buddha statues in your office or home to create an atmosphere of compassion, peace, and tranquillity not only for your life but also for your family, guests, and other people who come into the space.

Healing Medicine Buddha statues

If you love Indian statutes, then you should definitely include a statue of the Healing Buddha to your collection. He grants wishes for perfect health; he is the doctor who cures the sufferings of the whole world. Restore your vitality with the healing abilities of the Medicine Buddha.

Standing Buddha statues

Did you know that you can attract chi to your house or office? Having large Buddha statues strategically placed in different areas can greatly enhance the energy circulation in that space. This ultimately translates to inner peace, good fortune, tranquillity and overall well-being.

Note that each Buddha stance symbolizes something specific. Educate yourself about these meanings when you go shopping for large Buddha statues so you can enhance the quality of your space and your life.

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