The Beauty and Elegance of Nataraja brass Statue

Nataraja occupies a prominent place in Hindu mythology and religion, in addition to deep rooted Indian culture. Captured in the form of brass statues, the dancing Nataraja is much sought after globally, as much for its art form as for its association with the Hindu religion.  The statue is an elevated art form, depicting a pose in brass, embellished with colorful stone.  Here are a few good reasons why this statue needs to be a part of your collection.

Great workmanship, showcasing Indian styles

The Nataraja statue in brass showcases Indian artform in its distinct style. The shapes, the features, the embellishment, the finish, the color etc., are all aspects that are typically Indian in style. Indian arts and crafts are renowned the world over for their distinct and exotic style, the interplay of bright and subdued colors. The statues remind owners of the temples that dot the Indian landscape.

Depicting the tandava dance

One of the most common and popular stances that are seen in Nataraja statues is the tandava dance. This pose shows Nataraja, also known as the one who destructs, dancing atop a dwarf. The dwarf is symbolic of the dark forces, which Nataraja stamps out through the tandava dance. The dance is believed to depict the creation of a new order after the destruction of evil forces.

Blend of metal and stones, with turquoise inlay

The Nataraja brass statue on feature, is the perfect blend of metal and stones, each complementing the other. The turquoise inlay combines with other design aspects to create a worthy gifting option that can adorn living spaces. Each aspect of the Nataraja statue serves as a foil for other features, highlight, emphasizing and contrasting in vivid splendor to create a visual masterpiece.

Being in possession of a brass Nataraja statue establishes a connect with Indian culture, tradition and Hindu mythology. The detailing, the design, the materials and the skill of the artisans combine to create a splendid visual appeal.  The statue can occupy pride of place in interior décor and elevate the overall appearance of living spaces.