No age and no time can separate the love between Radha and Krishna, two deities who symbolize the divine union between one’s individual self (Jivatma) and one’s universal self (Paramatma). Radha Krishna statues also represent the highest level of devotion and the bond between a married couples. So beautiful is the love between Radha and Krishna that only the hands of Indian craftsmen will enable to immortalize their relationship in sculptures and statues. Their skills combined with the rich culture that influences their craft allow the creation of the most beautiful and highest quality Radha Krishna statues that you can purchase for your space.

Wooden Radha Krishna Statue

Do you like wooden sculptures? Then you will be happy to know that there are wooden statues of Radha and Krishna available online. Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and also symbolizes truth, devotion, joy and love. This type of statue is the perfect gift for weddings and will surely be appreciated by the bride and groom. It’s a great way to wish them a prosperous marriage and continuous growth in love and happiness.

Radha Krishna Figurine in Brass and Turquoise

One luxurious sculpture that you can add to your collection is the Radha and Krishna figurine set. The details on the décor as well as the skills of the hands that created them are evident in these beautiful pieces. This handmade product is made of brass, turquoise and coral stones; after all, eternal love can only be sculpted using the best and most durable materials available. Such a statue can last more than a lifetime with its metal base and built.

Tree Radha Krishna Brass Turquoise stone statue

Another variety that you can add to your Radha Krishna statue is a depiction of them under a tree with cows and peacocks. Your guests will love this beautiful sculpture of Radha and Krishna; it will surely become a topic of conversation.

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