Kali is the Hindu Goddess of death and liberation. Her name Kali comes from the Sanskrit word “kal,” which translates to time. She takes away her devotees’ kala or darkness and in return bestows true light. In artistic depictions, Kali is seen as a naked, dark or blue-colored goddess who has multiple arms. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth while her red eyes glare. Her hair flows wild and she is wrapped with necklaces full of skulls. She typically carries a severed head and a sword, and around her waist is a belt made of severed arms. While her portrayal is fearsome, she actually liberates people from ego and the illusion of reality or maya. Kali is often shown to stand over her husband Shiva, with one foot on him. When Kali goes on a rage, Shiva lays himself down in front of her in order for her to calm down and stop the destruction. She then sticks her tongue out in shame, as seen in most Kali statues and idols.


Having a Kali statue in the home is believed to be extremely beneficial in your life. The polarizing dualities of the lightness and darkness are united in the presence of Kali. Chanting Kali mantras is believed to protect one from evil spirits, dark magic, sickness, debts, losses, betrayals, obstructions in life, defamation, and unfortunate or traumatic events. It is believed that Kali mantras have extraordinary powers and that reciting them will reverse wrongs into rights. That said, Kali is not an easy Goddess to please—and it will take more than reciting mantras for you to receive her blessings. You have to abandon all of your prejudices, get rid of your ego and inhibitions, and discard any and all attachments in life. Purchasing a Kali statue for your home will significantly impact your life because Kali is a goddess that works with opposites to make you realize that in reality, neither exists. She is often misunderstood and is difficult to comprehend, but Kali is the full embodiment of universal power.