Understanding if you are purchasing a Buddha statue for inner peace and tranquillity or outdoor ornamentation is critical. Buddha is a symbol of peace and Nirvana or lasting peace for teeming millions and Buddhist worshippers across the world.  Here are 4 important facts about Buddha statue that you should know.

#1 Religious Versus Non-Religious Buddha Statues

Based on the choice of taking the path you need to attain what you desire is important.  For instance, if you want to experience joy and laughter, the Happy Buddha or the Laughing Buddha can be the right choice. For those seeking spiritual cleansing and a wish to embrace the meditative techniques of this ancient philosophy and religion, the meditating Buddha statues are a better buy. Appreciate the beauty of the artwork a large Buddha statue can bring to your home or commercial space.

#2 Understanding the Statue's Inner Meaning

Hindu deities come in various avatars. Buddhist statues too have a sense of rich history associated with them. One way to distinguish the type of large Buddha statues is to see the body postures. Another is to observe the mudra or hand gestures. Hands in the lap resting palm facing downwards symbolize the meditational Buddha. For those seeking a statue of the Enlightened Buddha, there is a statue with the right hand touching the earth representing the Shakyamuni Buddha.

#3 Know the Rich History

Genuine artisans who carve Buddha statues range from Tibetan to Indian and Nepalese. Buddha statues are built to grow roots and linages with Newar, Shakya artists. The face is one of the most important indicators while looking for a fine Buddha statue. Finely etched faces point to finger quality of statues. The fine details of the eye, nose and tika are important. The face should have a compassionate expression which communicates the sense of calm that enlightenment brings. Check the ears length when purchasing Buddha statues. Genuine statues have artistic and well defined features.

#4 Unique Carvings

Another aspect of the Buddha statue you need to be aware of before purchasing is the carving of the body on the statue. Top quality Buddha statues have delicate artwork which is the hallmark of specialist artisans from different parts of Asia.  There are so many different materials of which the Buddha statue can be made– these include Golden Buddha, Oxidized Buddha, Wooden Buddha, Copper/ Bronze Buddha. Antique versions of statues are also sold at higher prices.

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