Krishna is among the most widely worshipped and one of the most popular Indian divinities. He is worshipped as the eight incarnation of Vishnu, and is also a supreme god himself. Krishna became the focus of a number of devotional cults that have produced a great deal of religious music, poetry, and art over many years.

As a child, Krishna was adored for his mischievousness. He has also done a lot of miracles and defeated demons. In his youth, he became known as a lover. The music coming from his flute entices the wives and daughters of cowherds to leave their homes and dance with him in the night. His favorite among these women was Radha. However, Krishna, together with his brother Balarama, went back to Mathura to slay the evil Kamsa. When he found that the kingdom was unsafe, Krishna established his court at Dvaraka, and married the princess Rukmini.

There are many legends linked to Krishna, which have led to numerous representations in painting and sculpture. The child Krishna can be seen crawling on his hands and knees or dancing happily. The lover Krishna, which is the most common depiction, can be seen playing a flute. There are also statues that show Krishna and Radha together, which is considered as a blend of feminine and masculine god.

There are Krishna statues that are carved out of wood, stone, brass, or metal. If you are looking to buy a Krishna statue, it is best if you purchase it from an authentic and reputable online seller. Look for an online store that sources its products from local Indian artisans. It will even be better if you find a seller that supports India’s local economy and donates part of the sales to charity. Always check the returns policy of the seller before making any purchase.