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Dancing Shiva Nataraja Brass Turquoise Statue-6.5"



Product Specifications:
Made from Quality Brass and Handmade in India.
Size : 6.5 Inches Height X 5 Inches wide X 2.5 Inches depth.
Weight : 0.7 Kg
Material : Brass.
SKU Code : SHTS110.


Hindu Deity Lord Nataraja Shiva Brass Statue - Mahadev God Nataraj Idol Brass, Turquoise Sculpture

  • Size : 6.5 Inches Height X 5 Inches wide X 2.5 Inches depth.
  • Weight : 0.7 Kg.

  • Material : Brass, With Turquoise and other coral stone Handwork.
  • It's a Beautiful Antique Statue, made from Quality Brass and hand crafted in India, detailed elegant hand work and perfect showcase of Indian handicrafts.
  • This Natraj shiva sculpture brings the divine, spiritual energy in your home or office.

Hindu God Nataraja Shiva is a most worshiped Hindu deity, who is the part of the great holy Trinity ( Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh(Shiva) – the Creator, the protector and the Destroyer). ‘Shiva’ means prosperity or welfare. He is not only a God but he is also known as the prime God in the Panchdev Pujan (worship).

Shipping Charges In India $0.00
Shipping Charges For Everywhere Else $12.00
Material Type Statue Brass & Metal
size range 4- 7.9 Inches

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